1. treeporn:

    Tumuch Lake, Canada by Shane Kalyn

    Source: National Geographic Photo of the Day

  2. lalulutres:

    by Saeed al alawi on Fivehundredpx

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  3. old-hopes-and-boots:

    Old Highway 6, Nevada, by Rob Hann

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  4. cool-critters:

    Cyclochila australasiae

    Cyclochila australasiae, commonly known as the green grocer, is a species of cicada and one of Australia’s most familiar insects. It is distributed through coastal regions of southeastern Australia. It is one of the loudest insects in the world. It measures about 4 cm.

    photo credits: Trudyro at en.wikipedia, cicadamania

  5. ianference:

    This is an example of the cast-iron staircases found throughout the brick wards in the Kirkbride Building at Buffalo State Hospital.  The holes in the stairs allowed staff to navigate the building without having to carry a lantern or candle in the early days of the asylum’s history.

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  6. sosuperawesome:

    Stained Glass and Mirrors by BespokeGlass

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  8. ladeeeeda:


     "MELUSINA" by Jay Briggs » Beautiful Savage

    “MELUSINA” by Jay Briggs

    Production Crew:

    Photography: Fabio Esposito

    Make up: Zana Moses

    Hair: Gaby Winwood

    Model: Skye Victoria

    Apparel and Styling: Jay Briggs


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  9. sarawaktravel:

    They say, a #rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

    We say, a #fungi by any other form is still NOT a rose.

    Hmmm… we wonder how a fungi smells like.

    Photo: Nazri Mudin doing his usual at the Lambir Hills National Park, #Miri.

    #Mycology #NationalPark #naturephotography #visitsarawak #vmy2014

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  12. reddlr-earthporn:

    I see your Canadian mountains, and raise you the Scottish Highlands - Sgorr Tuath, Assynt [964x726] [Credit: Joe Cornish]

  13. reddlr-earthporn:

    Hampton State Forest. NSW Australia. [1920 x 1280]. Photo by Liam Lander

  14. reddlr-earthporn:

    Seljalandsfoss, Iceland … Photographed by Sarah Martinet [1024 x 683]