1. sarawaktravel:

    They say, a #rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

    We say, a #fungi by any other form is still NOT a rose.

    Hmmm… we wonder how a fungi smells like.

    Photo: Nazri Mudin doing his usual at the Lambir Hills National Park, #Miri.

    #Mycology #NationalPark #naturephotography #visitsarawak #vmy2014

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    I see your Canadian mountains, and raise you the Scottish Highlands - Sgorr Tuath, Assynt [964x726] [Credit: Joe Cornish]

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    Hampton State Forest. NSW Australia. [1920 x 1280]. Photo by Liam Lander

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    Seljalandsfoss, Iceland … Photographed by Sarah Martinet [1024 x 683]

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    The beaches of Tuvalu, one of the worlds smallest countries. [1024x681]

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  14. cabinporn:

    Geodesic dome near Plounéour-Ménez, Brittany, France.

    Contributed by Olivier Duval.